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Main Points That The Russian Bride Cost Includes

More and more foreign men show interest in Russian women. Thus, the mail order services thrive since more Russian ladies are equally interested in serious relationships with mature men from the Western world. However, the cost of a Russian bride is one of the most confusing parts about the whole thing. Therefore, you should clear these issues out before you finalize your decision.

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Russian bride cost and what are you paying for?

Aside from some material problems to take care of, there are other matters that can’t be priced in any currency of the world. The unique features of Russian girls and Ukrainian brides are what attract most men in the first place.

Appearance. Like all the Slavs, Russian ladies are breathtakingly beautiful, and there’s barely any men who wouldn’t pay the highest price for the hottest and the most loving wife in the world.

Loyalty. Russian women are tightly connected with those they consider friends and family. No matter the situation, the people they love come first, and that’s the ultimate sign of loyalty.

Professionalism. When you brood upon the mail order bride price, you need to realize that Russian ladies can master any sphere or industry in almost no time. Under favorable conditions, a woman like that can become a true professional in any chosen sphere, and that is the trait not everyone can show off.

What`s included in Russian brides price?

Russian order bride prices can be different depending on where you come from, what dating platform you use, how often you meeе offline, and many other factors. Find more details on every possible expenditure in the list further.

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Dating platform

This is the first thing single men have to spend money on after the decision to find a Russian woman online. The price will be different depending on the kind of site you choose. Here a few examples:

  • Free sites. On the one hand, it`s great you can use the services and look for a bride absolutely for free. On the other hand, chargeless sites are usually of bad quality and there are fake accounts that can spoil your impression of online dating. If you go for free services — double-check the reviews and users` comments.
  • Budget-oriented sites. Their price is about 10-30 USD/month which is quite cheap and can be afforded by almost everyone. The quality is still doubtful though, so you should again rely on your own experience and experts` reviews. You have all chances to find a real single girl, however, it might take more time.
  • Medium price sites. If you have about 100-200 USD/month for online dating, then choosing this kind of platform is a better idea. Such sites monitor the new profiles and usually verify them. They also have all the required features and services for successful online dating — emailing and chatting.
  • Premium sites. Finally, the most expensive platforms would cost singles about 300-500USD/month and more. Dedicated customer support. A variety of communication tools like stickers, voice messages, video, and phone calls, gift-giving, and many more. Lots of real and active profiles.

Note that such a division is approximate. A lot depends on you and your own approach to online dating. How often do you go online? How active are you? Do you believe in success? What exactly do you expect? Try to have an open mind.

Dating online

Meeting online doesn`t mean you should forget about courtship. It`s up to you, of course, but remember Russian women consider courtship an important part of dating. Thus, think about what you can do for your future wife. The options are:

  • Flowers. The least you can do is send flowers. Lots of dating platforms have such a service — they help men to have flowers delivered right to the girl`s home or workplace. Often you can choose flowers and the price yourself on a site. It might cost about 20-50 USD or more.
  • Presents. You can give any present you want: clothes, bags, perfumes, a phone (or any other gadget) or whatever you or your Russian woman wants. Consequently, the prices will vary. It can be 20, 100, or 500 USD. Or you decide not to send presents. Anyway, the dating platform you use might help you with delivery.

Offline date

What kind of expenditures are waiting for you when you decide to meet in the real world?

  • Tickets. Traveling to Russia will cost you about 700-1200 USD for a round ticket (depends on where you travel from and go to). Monitor the tickets in advance.
  • Accommodation. The cheapest option is if she invites you to stay at her home. A good hotel, on average, costs about 150-300 USD. You may go for cheaper or more expensive rooms, of course.
  • Activities. Food, eating out, trips, presents, tickets or whatever else you might need to pay for while being in Russia. On average, it might be another 150-300 USD.
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Overall Russian brides cost

Let`s do some math. If to sum up the average cost of everything mentioned above, you`ll need about 3500-5000 USD for a period of approximately six months. That how much and how long men usually require to buy a Russian wife. Let`s make it clear again — the numbers are average. Some men spend less — about 2000 USD for the whole dating period. Some spend much more because they choose premium membership on dating platforms, give expensive presents, and live for weeks in Russia.

Only you know how much your Russian mail order brides will cost. Come up with a plan and think about your budget. Even the average sum of 500-700 USD/month seems reasonable for life-long happiness. Don`t you think?

How to cut the cost to buy a Russian bride?

Surely, the average cost of a Russian mail order bride may sound a little overwhelming. Thus, many men are seeking ways to cut the expenses, and there are few.

  • Don’t opt for the cheapest Russian mail order bride cost that some services offer.
  • Don’t arrange the initial date outside her country.
  • Don’t try to save on premium features that some platforms offer. They can give you a better understanding of the person you’re interacting with.
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